Jun 2016


It has been 8 years since I last attended Eurocucina. Eurocucina is the kitchen portion of a larger exhibition, Salone del Mobile.Milano, which includes design for the home, furniture, textiles and office furniture. In total, the Salone del Mobile encompasses an exhibition area of 270,000 sqm (or 2,906,256 sq ft) with 372,151 visitors browsing among with 2,407 Exhibitors.

Eurocucina had 120 Exhibitors with a total exhibition area of 23,000 sqm (or 290,626 sq ft). Interestingly, 40 Exhibitors occupied 12,000 sqm (or 129,167 sq ft). By comparison, KBIS 2016 had 37,169 visitors with approximately 500 exhibitors within 500,000 sq ft.


Walnut display featuring a natural 0° sheen finish with matte light brushed aluminum feature doors


A generous amount of floor space was set aside for the creative exhibits from young designers and the Design Competition. The creativity here was quite impressive. Hearing them discuss their ideas and goals was an inspiration. One designer, originally from San Diego, CA, had just relocated to Basel, Switzerland from Singapore. He told me that he had considered attending Franklin & Marshal University. That’s located in Lancaster, PA just about 30 minutes from the Christiana Cabinetry Factory!


Innovative and exciting beverage cooler for outdoor fun


While I traveled to Milan expecting to see a lot of hi-gloss finishes, I found a shift toward natural, dark colored woods. The featured wood species were walnut and mahogany with very flat finishes, mostly 0° sheen. While there were still a lot of high gloss finishes on display, these designs were shown by the lesser known companies in the lower priced, stock manufacturing company’s displays.


Elm burl with a matte finish, base cabinetry with a dark gray stained, textured, oak


Collaborative projects linked Italian cabinet manufacturers with well-known designers; Armani and Fendi. The results were simply breathtaking. The exhibits featured many different materials and finishes for looks I’d term “Contemporary Classic”.


Striking and Exquisite - The Ultimate Whirlpool


One was entitled “Before Design: Classic. The Exhibition” which was most impressive. Watch the film about the display below, and you’ll get an idea of just how impressive the show was.



To learn more about the Exhibit, visit the website here, and scroll down to visit each room of the Exhibit to see the details.

If you’d like to see more photos from my trip to Eurocucina and learn about the Christiana products we plan to release as a result, please contact my colleague Marschell Lee to arrange a time for us to meet. She can be reached at (610) 593-7504 or mlee@christianacabinet.com.

I look forward to continuing the conversation.