Jan 2016

Euro Styling

What does the term Euro-Styled Cabinetry mean? Many use this term when referring to contemporary styling but, to those of us in the industry, this term has a much different meaning.

In August 1984, while attending the IWF machinery exhibition in Atlanta Georgia, I witnessed a revolutionary way of building cabinetry. Hotz-Her, a German machinery company had set up a cabinet shop in the show booth and were making cabinets. The equipment on display was a panel saw, edgebander, doweling machine and a case clamp that pressed the cabinets together. Interestingly, the cabinet face frame was eliminated which streamlined production. Within the industry we refer to this construction method as “frameless’ or “full access” since the cabinet front frame has been eliminated.

This production method utilized the 32 mm system and required that all of the machining intervals be done on 32 mm intervals. The 32 mm system, as it was explained to me, is the most divisible number and easier to numerically program. 32 mm divided by 2 equals 16, 16 divided by 2 equals 8, you get the picture.

After WW II, when factories were being rebuilt, most European manufactures embraced this construction method for simplicity. In America, we saw these cabinets as contemporary and somewhat futuristic and the public referred to this look as “Euro-styled” cabinetry.

Christiana Cabinetry saw the benefit of this construction method and in 1986 began building frameless cabinetry in addition to our standard wood framed cabinetry. We found that we could create a traditional look as well as transitional and contemporary style utilizing this construction method.

A few benefits to the consumer desiring this construction style are:

  • Approximately 25% more useable space than framed cabinetry
  • Similar look to framed cabinetry yet less costly
  • Larger selection of hardware
  • More design configurations

Whether it is Frameless, Framed, traditional or contemporary, Christiana Cabinetry is equipped to meet your design needs. For further information on our products, feel free to contact a Designer showroom near you or e-mail info@christianacabinet.com.